When the society gets together, it's not just a bunch of jeep enthusiasts standing around to talk about jeeps (although, that does happen a LOT). It's almost like a reunion each time we get together. With over 100 members and counting, we don't get to see each other all of the time for each event. Some are working, some are with their family, and some are at other events. So when we do have the chance to come together, it's more than just an "event", its truly a family reunion.

          We have been seeing it happen more and more, new members show up to a ride or gathering, and they're quiet and shy. Who wouldn't be? You're walking into a group that has known each other forever, right? Nope, you'd be wrong. Suddenly, a member walks up to you and says "Hi and Welcome". Introductions start, no way you're going to remember all of these names, but you're trying to! Next thing you realize is that everyone is greeting you and talking to you (and staring at your jeep, of course) wanting to hear the story about how you came across it, what do you plan on doing to it, what do you have done to it. For some, the story is "it's still got a paper plate on the back, I just bought it". We don't care, you have a jeep, that's what's important. Just like in a family, there is no judgement, no snickering because you don't have a lift, no poking fun because you don't know what the other shift lever is for. Instead, all of these people want to help you and show you what your new set of wheels can do! They want to extend what the Society was built upon, FAMILY!

        With a huge surge of members lately, we know it can be stressful wondering if you'll "fit in" or perhaps you're thinking about joining but wondering the same thing. Rest assured, you are family and you'll be accepted with open arms. There is never a dumb question that will go un-answered. We hope if you have been on the fence about joining, you'll take the plunge and join us this Saturday (September 26) 5pm at Hurricane Off-Road in Lake Charles. You do not have to be a member to come to the meetings. Come see what the Society is all about and maybe find that your family will grow just a bit by the end of the day. 

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