Beginning in May 2016, Seven Slot Society of SWLA, Inc. became a paid membership organization.  Up until this point in the club's history, regular operation of the club and overhead for fundraising events came from the pockets of gracious founding members.  In a little more than a year, the membership of Seven Slot Society of SWLA, Inc. grew exponentially.  It was extremely exciting to see such growth; however, the cost of operation was no longer affordable by individuals.  At that time, the Board of Directors made the recommendation to implement collecting dues with the amount voted on by current members.  It was decided that $50/year would be a reasonable annual membership fee.  After enforcing club dues in June, we were thrilled to see such a show of support from our members.  Not only did the club maintain the majority of it's initial membership, it continues to grow every month.  

The mission of Seven Slot Society of SWLA, Inc.  includes giving back to the local community.  Having a budget to defray operating cost and overhead for fundraisers has opened up so many opportunities for the club to sponsor and give back to local charity.  July was our first meeting for official, paid membership.  We had a great time catching up with each other and meeting our new members. Looking at the club calendar, there seems to be events around every corner.  Check out upcoming events and photos from past events on our public Facebook page.  Here are just a few events to look for: 

August 13th  "United We Ride" Hosted by Louisiana Jeepers (Breaux Bridge, La) 

August 21st - Next Seven Slot Society of SWLA, Inc. Member Meeting

August 27th - "Jeep Jaunt Jam"  A chance to register for the annual Jeep Jaunt in October (Opelousas, La) 

August 27th - "Sticker Party" supporting Lone Survivor Foundation (Austin's Chop Shop in Vidor, Tx)

September 24th - "Run with the Nuns" ride and cook-off supporting research and providing state of the art heart care in SWLA (Lake Charles, La) 

October 30th- "Annual Jeep Jaunt" limited 

If you are interested in joining Seven Slot Society of SWLA, Inc. Please check out the "Join Us" tab at the top of the page.  Review the club documents and then submit your electronic application.